Actions speak louder than words for Braidy Industries


When I assess the validity of a situation, especially in the business world, I have always subscribed to the old adage that “Actions Speak Louder than Words.” It’s time we recognize that Eastern Kentucky is under political attack.  It is an oppression of our culture.  Can you think of a more qualified group of people to help defend our interests than the all-stars at Braidy Industries?


I believe that if you observe a person (or group of people’s) actions and evaluate the decisions that that person or group of people are making then you can tell a good bit about their viability and intent. Observing one’s actions and decisions is also a great way to evaluate honesty and integrity. Admittedly, a few times my evaluations have been off and I have “missed the mark” or been “surprised” but, in most cases, my “Actions Speak Louder than Words” approach has been spot on.


I would now like to take a few sentences to use this “Actions Speak Louder than Words” approach in evaluating the Braidy Industries Team. I have not met the entire Braidy Industries team but I have met the vast majority. I have not only gotten to personally know many of the people who work at Braidy, but I have also gotten to know their spouses and children. I know that most of the Braidy team has moved to Ashland not just from across the country, but from around the world. Many have bought or are currently building homes in the Tri-State. I know several of the Braidy folks who have not yet moved to Ashland but, because I know them, I also know that they have legitimate personal reasons for needing to maintain a residence or second residence elsewhere.


In getting to know most of the Braidy team personally, I have also gotten to learn a good bit about their background, professional track record, degree of education, etc. “Accomplished” is not a strong enough word to describe this group of people. Among the Braidy team you will find: Harvard professors, MIT professors, military generals, military colonels, accomplished entrepreneurs, finance experts, Duke University engineers, attorneys, as well as many very successful metals experts. These are the brightest of the bright.


Now, in saying all the above, it begs the question: Why did all these incredibly gifted people, now known as the Braidy Team, make the life-changing decision and the personal commitment to move to Appalachia? Let’s face it folks, Appalachia has never been known to be a “garden spot” that professionals flock to as soon as they are able to locate a job here.


I have come to the conclusion that this adept group of professionals made the decision to join the Braidy team and move to our area because they have studied the landscape, assessed the Braidy business model and have made the calculated decision that the Braidy aluminum mill is “for real” and has a very high probability of succeeding hugely. This team of doers wants to be part of something big. They see a business that is poised to succeed and change the history books on Appalachia simultaneously.


Thank you, Braidy Team, for your actions. They are speaking loudly and clearly.


Rob Slagel, Ashland, Ky.


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