Braidy Industries turns to Kentucky Today to reach Kentuckians


An opinion column in The Courier-Journal of Louisville raises a noteworthy point: When the head of the company building a $1.3 billion aluminum mill in the Ashland area wanted to speak directly to Kentuckians, he did so through Kentucky Today.


Imagine that.


Kentucky Today was created less than two years ago and has already amassed readers in every city, town and community across this state. Readers have taken a liking to Kentucky Today’s unbiased, factual news articles. They like that Kentucky Today is homegrown and home-owned, unlike The Courier-Journal, which is owned by a giant Virginia-based media company.


So, we count it a compliment that Craig Bouchard, chairman of Braidy Industries, turned to Kentucky Today to talk personally with Kentuckians.

Traditional newspapers have taken a licking in recent decades. The truth is that traditional newspapers have been their own worst enemies. They publish less and less content, yet charge more and more for subscriptions. Circulation is declining. Advertising revenue is down. As a result, the typical daily publications are so thin that they’re almost see through.


The Courier-Journal’s opinion column urged Mr. Bouchard to buy a subscription to that newspaper to see the great journalism it produces. It’s truly sad to see once-prominent newspapers move into the realm of irrelevancy. Out-of-state ownership hasn’t helped. More often than not, they’re totally out of touch editorially with the shrinking list of readers they have left.


So, Mr. Bouchard, thank you for recognizing that the quickest and most effective means for communicating with Kentuckians is through Kentucky Today.




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