Candidate Joshua Irvin wants to be voice of people in Kentucky House


The voices of the people of Kentucky grow mute the longer that career politicians are in Frankfort. The people of the 79th Kentucky House district had no say in the 2017 session when it came to important issues such as prevailing wage, Bible literacy in schools, restrictions on child pornography, workers’ compensation, and many others. Does the voice of the people matter anymore to career politicians? It should.


This is why I decided to run for Kentucky’s House of Representatives’ 79th District. Early in my campaign, I have been questioned many times about what a Representative does. This shows that the people have become disconnected from the very politicians who are supposed to represent them.

I want to see Frankfort reconnect with its citizens. I have learned much from working at the University of Kentucky Hospital, but the most important thing I have learned is that regardless whether a person is poor or rich, treatment is equal in the hospital. There should be that same equality in Frankfort.

As a missionary’s son growing up in Eastern Europe, I saw first-hand how the people’s voices were muted in their government, and that the country came to the verge of destruction. Career politicians have taken the power from the people for many years, while the citizens suffered in poverty.

We cannot allow this to happen in Kentucky. It is time to send someone to Frankfort who will be the better voice for the people – someone who understands the value of family and hard work. It is time for someone who is not a career politician, but a caregiver.

As we enter this next year, please make it clear that you want the better choice for Kentucky’s 79th House District by donating and volunteering for the campaign of Joshua Irvin on, then follow your investment in the campaign on its Facebook page @joshuairvinforky.

The campaign for Joshua Irvin will not be able to make a difference in the district without your help. I have deeply invested in the campaign to see that the people’s voices can be heard, and I will continue to do so. I need your help. Your donations will help purchase printed materials for further advertising. Please feel free to contact me at  Thank you in advance for your support.






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