God remembers my name


I have loved Hudson for a long time.  We met when he was just one year old.  When he turned two, he graduated from the nursery to children’s church!  Yay!  (It’s a big deal when you’re two.)  I have seen him regularly at church and then once a month up close when it has been my turn to teach children’s church during the Sunday morning service.  And…his parents bring him faithfully on Wednesday nights - I’m so proud of them - so I see him every single Wednesday night in class.  He is six now, so I’ve seen him a lot!  I’ve watched him grow up at church. Praise the Lord! He. Is. A. Treasure.

This morning, he sat behind me at the early service.  I spoke and waved, because I love him and he knows it.

After church tonight, Hudson and all of his family came to the parsonage for supper.  We had made stuff, they had made stuff and we were all happy to be together.  (Hudson and his sister had been excited all day about it.)  During the blessing, I held Hudson’s hand on one side and his older sister’s hand on the other.  (She has also grown up at church, and I love, love, loved having her in class, too.)  My beloved thanked God for our food.  He also thanked God for bringing this family into our lives.  As I listened to the blessing, I thought, Lord, these are two of my very favorite kids in the whole world!  “Amen” was said by all and we began to dish out the feast before us.

I was seated on a bench by Hudson and his sister.  The adults were eating, laughing, and sharing tales.  Hudson was telling me a story when suddenly he stopped right in the middle of it and looked straight at me.  “I can’t remember your name,” he declared.  At first, I thought he was kidding.  Seriously?!  I have known him since he was one!  I have taught him at church a zillion times!  He KNOWS me!  We had just taken a selfie with his sister! 

“What?!” I asked in disbelief. 

“I really can’t remember your name,” he said.  And I could tell by his eyes behind his super-cool sports glasses that he was serious.

“Dawn!” I told him with both hands out like ‘what in the world?’. 

“Oh, yeah!” he announced with a laugh. 

“HOW CAN YOU NOT REMEMBER MY NAME?!” I asked again with big eyes.  He shrugged; he’s six.  I had thought we were besties!

To be honest, I’ve forgotten people’s names myself.  (But not usually someone I think is my bestie!)  I can ponder where I’ve met the person, the context of the meeting, etc. and still…nothing.  I usually have to ‘fess up like Hudson.

One thing I love about God, especially today, is that He knows my name!  He never gets me mixed up with my sisters or brothers.  He never forgets where I am or what I have going on.  He loves me, today and always. 

Psalm 139 tells it best!  God knows when we sit, when we rise, what we think, what we say…He created each of us, knitting us together as we were taking shape in the womb!  (Knitting is hard work!)   In Jeremiah 1:5, God told Jeremiah, “Before you were born, I knew you…”  If He knew Jeremiah, then He knows me!  And my name!


Dawn Reed is a newspaper columnist and pastor's wife in Prestonsburg. Reach her at


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