House leader: Still no pension reform bill in sight


FRANKFORT, Ky.  (KT) – Having missed a Tuesday target for delivery of pension reform legislation, House lawmakers now say they have no idea when the measure will be filed.


“We will file the bill as soon as we have all the information that our members need to effectively communicate with their constituents,” said House Speaker Pro Tem David Osborne, R-Prospect. “As long as that information is not delivered, we do not believe it is appropriate to file a piece of legislation.”

However, he said some of the issues holding up the bill are not the most contentious ones.


"Right now, we think there is one piece of information that we need back on the last decision points," Osborne said.

Meanwhile, Osborne said the House remains on track to pass a budget bill by the end of the month.

“I talk with our budget folks a couple times a day and they feel very good about the progress they’re making," he said.

Members of both the Republican and Democratic parties have been involved in the budget process, more than 60 in all.

The pace of the legislative session has been slow compared to last year, when lawmakers passed several major pieces of legislation in the first week.

“I think we’re being very deliberate in legislation that we move,” Osborne said.  “We’re doing everything we can to resolve issues before we start battling them on the floor.  We don’t have any great desire to pass bills just to send them down to the Senate to encounter a bunch of problems.  We’re trying to work out as many problems as we can in advance.





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