Kentucky sports living in Bizarro World


Welcome to the Bizarro World of Kentucky, a world where up is down and blue is white.

A world where football is king and basketball is just a thing.

It’s a world where Big Blue Nation can’t wait for Saturdays in November to watch the football team. It’s a world where the Kentucky basketball team loses its season opener by 34 points.

Are we in some kind of eighth dimension?

What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on in Kentucky?

You want bizarre? The football team has the chance to defeat Florida, Tennessee and Louisville in the same season! The last time that happened? Never! The last time they swept Florida and Tennessee? Forty-one years ago!

The basketball team got outscored 59-42 in both halves against Duke (go ahead, add it up). Color that bizarre.

It’s a world where Kentucky fans almost yawned their way through a Friday night special basketball game in Rupp Arena (where, if you really want bizarre, mid-major Southern Illinois gave the Wildcats all they could handle even though scoring 59 in the two halves combined) while thinking about what was going to be on the grill for Saturday before the football game?

It’s such a bizarre world that Kentucky’s football team has a chance to walk away from Knoxville with a victory. As we know, Knoxville might as well be Knocks-ville for the Wildcats, who haven’t won a game there since 1984 but are the favorites Saturday.

Not even George Orwell could have predicted what’s happened this fall (You see what I did there?).

Kentucky football has a chance – and a good one – to put 10 victories on the board. That qualifies for Bizarro World too since it hasn’t happened since 1977. Let’s just hope the Cats can keep this bizarre season going and defeat the Volunteers, the last major stumbling block to that 10-2 season (I mean, come on, does anybody really think they will lose against Middle Tennessee or Louisville?).

This game against Tennessee is arguably bigger than last week’s SEC East showdown with Georgia. That game didn’t qualify as bizarre but more a reality check for Kentucky on what the SEC elite look like up close and personal.

Now it’s back to Bizarro with the Wildcats walking into Neyland Stadium expecting to win.

Kentucky football is up and basketball is, uh, well, let’s just wait and see. It is just November.

Ask me again in March.

MARK MAYNARD is managing editor of Kentucky Today. Reach him at mark.maynard




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