Kentucky Today sports editor a true underdog story who has thrived

A premature baby, Keith Taylor has not only survived but thrived. He is the sports editor for Kentucky Today. Photo by Gary Moyers
A premature baby, Keith Taylor has not only survived but thrived. He is the sports editor for Kentucky Today. Photo by Gary Moyers

Everybody loves an underdog story.

Say hello to Keith Taylor, the sports editor of Kentucky Today.

Taylor was a premature baby who weighed only 3 pounds and 4 ounces at birth and spent the first two months of his life in the hospital. He dropped to 2 pounds and 10 ounces while being fed with an eye-dropper. Doctors didn’t give him much of a chance.

“God saw it otherwise,” said Taylor, a passionate Christian who covers the University of Kentucky Wildcats sports for Kentucky Today.

Taylor’s mother said people in neighboring counties came to see the “little tiny” baby.

“Mom said I cried when I was born, but then I had to learn to cry again,” Taylor said. “Mom didn’t hold me until I came home.”

From the very beginning, he was a battler. Taylor grew up playing – and observing - sports and found a love for journalism as a student at Berea Community High School where he was also on the basketball team.

Taylor said he wasn’t the best player on the team but learned much from watching on the bench.

His life calling became journalism and he has worked in the field as a sportswriter for 25 years. Taylor served as sports editor in several community newspapers and says having the opportunity to cover Kentucky on a regular basis with Kentucky Today “is a dream come true.”

“Especially one with county roots in Madison County,” he said. “I found myself in awe at first nearly 25 years ago, but count myself blessed to do something that I enjoy and be able to use the talent that God has blessed me with. It’s a job, but a fun one. Covering UK sports is beyond my wildest dreams.”

Taylor has made memories and made friends through his sportswriting career. He counts former UK basketball coach Joe B. Hall and former Eastern Kentucky University football coach Roy Kidd as role models in the sports world.

“Both are old-school and I like that,” he said.

Taylor said his most memorable experience has been covering the 2011 Final Four UK team that played in Houston. It was his first Final Four and he met President George H.W. Bush and wife Barbara.

Covering any Kentucky-Louisville basketball game is memorable, he said, and two of his favorite games in football were Kentucky’s upset over No. 1 ranked LSU in 2007 and the Wildcats’ stunning win over Alabama at Commonwealth Stadium in 1997.

This “tiny baby” that had to be fed with an eye dropper, who even doctors had given up on, has become one of the state’s top sportswriters and, more importantly, a Christian who walks his faith daily.

”My Christian faith is very important to me,” he said. “I became a believer when I was 13 years old. I come from a very strong Christian background. My dad was a pastor and minister for most of my life. My mom and my grandparents were very instrumental to my Christian heritage and taught me about Jesus from a very young age.”

God has a plan for everybody, even a baby boy born in Richmond, Kentucky in 1971 given little chance to survive.

Keith Taylor has not only survived, but he’s thrived and is highly respected in the competitive world of covering college sports.

We are honored to have him on the Kentucky Today team.


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Wonderful and uplifting to read.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Just as good sports coverage can also document the game of life on a broader scale, Keith Taylor's journey certainly well equips him to bring greater dimension and sensitivity to his contributions to Kentucky Today. Bravo, Keith!

Monday, November 5

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