Marching band program eliminated at EKU amid severe budget cuts


RICHMOND, Ky. (KT) – Eastern Kentucky University School of Music announced it was eliminating its marching band program via an email to department staff and students early Tuesday morning.

Pep Band will also be turned into a student-managed club and will no longer play at football games.

This band will perform for select volleyball and basketball games. There will be no marching band. Music at football games will be handled by athletics.

“We anticipate that this change will increase our recruiting and retention, give our instrumental majors more time, and allow us to devote resources to areas that we as a faculty have agreed are important,” the email read.

The men’s and women’s tennis programs were eliminated on Friday when the regents announced other major cuts because of the need to recoup $25 million in recurring costs, a task made necessary mostly through declines in state funding and increased pension obligations.

“It truly is a perfect storm and financial reckoning the likes of which EKU has never seen in its long and storied history,” said EKU President Michael Benson. “The reality of recouping $25 million is daunting, and our scarce resources simply cannot support every program we have in the past.”

EKU is also closing its regional campus in Danville.


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Karen Higgins

This is so disgusting. Hope ALL music students transfer to a different school. Music in life is so important, and here we have idiots who are eliminating the life out of EKU. You definitely won’t get any more people wanting to spend their time at a college that has and still doing eliminating important programs. Sorry to hear you are out of money. Maybe quit tearing down buildings and adding new ones. You certainly are not interested in education, but only saving and trying to make more money. It’s always about the money isn’t it? You’ll get no more music students. It used to be so good, now you have ruined it all. Karen Higgins ‘65

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

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