My suggestions for “Sweetheart” phrases


Have you noticed pop-culture inspired phrases in your box of candy Sweethearts? The addition of new sayings started in the 90s, and the company claims they are always receiving more suggestions.

Today, phrases like “complimentary coffee,” “snow day,” and “no baggage fees” are words like honey to me. However, I also know there are sweeter phrases, ones that transcend time and will never expire. These phrases, like true love, will remain steady, constant, and reliably good. Here are my suggestions for the sugary Sweetheart boxes:

I love you
: Not a new “Sweetheart saying,” but my list had to include it. The three little words that can never be said enough…to your spouse, your children, your parents, your friends, and never forget yourself.

I do
: May we never take these vows lightly, and may we honor the sanctity of marriage as God intended for the betterment of those persons, families, and all society.

Good job
: Everyone needs an “atta boy” from time to time. Compared to the ole cracking of whips, affirmation of a job well done is often enough to spur children or adults to continued efforts.

Made from scratch
: I don’t think this one needs justification, but if so, I wish I could introduce you to my granny. Or my nan. Or mom. Or mother-in-law. Or any of the women in my family, really. They’d teach you the value of the long, delicious process, and the glory of a gluten-induced nap.

I’m sorry
: Confession: these are some of the hardest words for me to say. It’s pride, and I’m working on it. Saying “I’m sorry” isn’t as simple as we lead children to believe, but it is far more important than we’ve ever emphasized.

You can always come home
: There is so much pressure in this world to “make it.” I’m still unsure what defines success by today’s standards—mainly because it fluctuates and flipflops with worldly whims—but I’m thankful to have a supportive family and a place I can go and indulge in comfort foods and constructive conversation. Need such a place? Our door is always open.

: Meaning, “so be it.” When uttered at the end of a prayer, this small word packs a large amount of faith. We are professing our belief that God hears us and that He will act. Amen to that!

What are some phrases you’d like to see on Sweethearts? Happy St. Valentine’s Day, ya’ll!

Neena is a Kentucky wife, mother, daughter, and beekeeper who does life in Owensboro. Her first novel, The Bird and the Bees, is a Christian contemporary romance set to be released in April 2020. Visit her at   


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