RAMCON West kicks off March 17

Sailboats, planes and wood cars: It’s RAMCOM race time, boys


HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. (KT) – An exciting day of car, boat and wood plane races await adventure-seeking boys at RAMCOM, a Christ-centered missions education event.

Royal Ambassadors from across the state will converge on First Baptist Church Hopkinsville Saturday, March 17, 2018, for the Kentucky Royal Ambassador Missions Conference, RAMCON West.

The event, scheduled from 10 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. (CDT), costs $10 per person including lunch. Check-in begins at 8 a.m. The registration deadline is March 7.

Jon Auten, Royal Ambassador/Challenger consultant, said boys will have the opportunity to enter three races – on land, sea, and air – take turns experiencing what it’s like to be on a NASCAR pit crew and use an airplane flight simulator.

“We will have Royal Racers, a Rain Gutter Regatta, Line Gliders, and a Pit Stop Challenge,” Auten said. “There is also a $5 entry fee for the Royal Racers, where each car will run one heat in each of three lanes. The three cars with the fastest times will compete in a final heat for first, second, and third.”

Information about how to build the wood race cars or where you can buy them can be found at www.kywmu.org/ramcon.

For the rain gutter races, RAs can purchase a sailboat kit at royalracers.com. Several prebuilt sailboats will be available. There is no fee for these races.

Auten said the boys blow through a drinking straw to propel the 6-inch-long sailboats along the water in the rain gutter.

As for the air races in the line glider competition, boys can buy a line glider kit at royalracers.com. Prebuilt models will also be on hand.

“The small balsa gliders don’t have a main wing. Instead, they have the body, they have the propeller, and a small rear wing. Then, they have two wires coming out of the top that hang over fishing line that we stretch across the gym or fellowship hall. The boys wind them up and see whose will go the farthest,” Auten said. “There is no entry fee for this event.”

Additionally, RAs will be given an opportunity to experience being a member of a NASCAR pit crew, changing small tires on a two-dimensional race car using an air compressor and air wrench. This event is free.

To cap off a fun-filled day, laptops with radio-controlled flight simulators will allow RAs to pilot an airplane.

Because RAs are a missions organization, attendees will be treated to missionary stories from Harrell Riley with HR Ministries in western Kentucky and Wayne Myers, former international missionary to Swaziland.

Boys will also help fill mission bags with snacks, which Riley will use in his ministry.

For more information about RAMCON West or to register, visit www.kywmu.com/ramcon or telephone Auten at (502) 489-3451 or by email at jon.auten@kybaptist.org.


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