Tips for sharing good news with your smartphone


As people are observing social distancing and are being forced to isolate, the need to communicate with others is more important than ever. Christians are called to love their neighbor no matter the crisis and to look for opportunities to share their faith. Here are some ideas to use technology to accomplish both.

Be sincere.

Someone once said, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.” This unique time will give us opportunities to interact with people we care about. It might even be a time when we can build relationships with people. Keep these things in mind as you engage:

  • Begin a conversation (text, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, or Instagram) with someone you’re acquainted with and/or haven’t talked to in a while to check in on them.

  • Engage in dialogue about them, how they’re doing, their family, etc. Ask them how you can pray for them. Depending on background knowledge, you can inquire about their church life.

  • Ask if there is any way you can assist them during the forced isolation time. Be willing to go and serve them if they request it.

  • Share with them about something impactful God has done in your life (either past or current) and how that’s helped you get where you are now.

Be focused.

We all have countless “friendly” conversations each day, but getting to the gospel message is crucial. The sincerity of speech tends to make people more open to discussing spiritual things. Be focused on getting to those spiritual things as you converse. Here are some tips:

  • Bring up the gospel message specifically.

  • Keep the context of the conversation in mind. Facebook is a pubic platform where others can watch a discussion. Consider using a more personal and private media, such as Facebook Messenger or text, when appropriate.

  • If they previously indicated something difficult or confusing that they are dealing with (which you can easily refer to in the messages), bring the gospel message back around to this and make it personal.

  • Ask if they have any questions about what you shared and invite them to follow Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Be prepared.

“Those who tend to evangelize more in their daily lives are those who have been trained in evangelism,” said Dr. Todd Gray, executive director-treasurer of the KBC.

One easy way to prepare yourself in evangelism during this season of isolation is to learn from and review specific evangelism strategies. Here are two KBC-recommended resources to review as you prayerfully witness to those in your sphere of influence:

  • 3 Circles: “We live in a broken world. Brokenness leads us to search for a way to make life work.” This tool uses three circles (God’s design, brokenness, gospel) to show our need for a Savior. The simplicity of this tool can be drawn on anything from a napkin to a PowerPoint. Learn more by watching this video.

  • ReachKy.Today: this website provides opportunities for people to post a personal testimony from their smartphone, tablet or computer and then share a link via text, email or social media. Click here to visit the site.

When communicating with someone online, it can be hard to communicate genuine care and interest. The lag in response time, the vagueness of written words only and the limitation of characters present a challenge to gospel conversations. Be patient as you communicate, but don’t let the challenges keep you from staying connected.


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