Tommy Reed to pastors: ‘If you want to know the temperature of your church, stick the thermometer in your mouth, hoss’


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (KT) – Appalachian preacher Tommy Reed challenged Kentucky Baptist leaders to be on fire for Christ  amid the perilous times people are facing today.

“If you want to know the temperature of your church, stick the thermometer in your mouth, hoss,” he told hundreds of messengers at the Kentucky Baptist Convention’s annual meeting Tuesday at Highview Baptist Church’s east campus in Louisville. “What the Master needs is a faithful people, a rooted people.”

Reed, pastor of Fitzpatrick First Baptist Church in Floyd County, said now is a great time to be Christians because the world so sorely needs the gospel.

“We’ve got to get off our keisters and start caring and start telling others about Jesus,” he said.

Reed also called on Kentucky Baptists to be more like Jesus, gracious and loving toward everyone.

“Preacher, I’m going to tell you something,” he said. “God needs us to be the men who people will trust.”

Reed encouraged Kentucky Baptist leaders to be a faithful people who are rooted in the Word, always gracious toward others, and enduring amid difficulties. He also reminded them of the need to share God’s Word, to pray, to invite and to see people as Jesus sees them.

“We may have 2,400 churches in Kentucky, but I submit unto you we need 2,400 more,” he said. “We need them as thick as fleas on a hound. And don’t get your drawers all wadded up just because somebody wants to come and plant one a few miles from you. It’s going to take more.”

Reed called church leaders back to their Christian roots, saying:

•The church can no longer be silent.

•The church needs to be more concerned about spiritual health than wealth.

•The church needs to be kingdom-focused.

•The church must never stray from the Scriptures.

•The church must get ready to see Jesus.

•The church must not forget where we came from.

“If God is going to do the impossible in the world in which we live, if we are to be able to penetrate the darkness, noise, wickedness, lostness and pagan culture we live in, then something has to change,” he said.


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