Why interview Miss America contestants about political views?


The other evening when I was surfing the TV channels to find something remotely interesting to watch, I happened upon the finals of the Miss America Beauty Pageant.

I was privileged to see one beautiful girl do a ventriloquist act with two puppets. She was amazing. Then I watched two spectacular solo dances. After that they presented the last five girls who were still in the running.

Each of them had to answer TWO questions posed by different judges. The first questions were on the lighter side, but the second set of questions were politically charged.

Miss Missouri was asked if she believed that President Trump had colluded with Russia during his presidential race in 2016. She knew the politically correct answer, but she managed to straddle the fence and say that nobody had produced evidence to prove that he had, but they still needed to investigate.

Miss Texas was asked if President Trump was wrong to say that there were good people on both sides of the controversy in the Charlottsville, VA race riot. She said President Trump should have spoken sooner but she still liked President Trump.

Miss New Jersey was asked what should be done with the Confederate statues. She said they should be put in museums.

The eventual winner, Miss North Dakota, Cara Lund, (who will go to law school at Notre Dame after her year of being Miss America) was asked if President Trump should have taken the United States out of the Paris Accords. She said she did not think we should have gotten out of the Paris Accords, but she still supports Trump.

The only non-political question was about whether contact football should be outlawed because it is harmful to the brains of the participants. She said it should.

Poor Miss Texas has almost faced a firing squad back in Texas, where President Trump has many, many followers. Some of them are wanting to take the Miss Texas crown from her!

When I heard the questions, I thought they were out of bounds. The contest was for beauty, intelligence and charm. I guess those questions did test whether the ladies could answer a controversial opinion and still be charming. I still do not think the questions were fair because the answers are so sharply controversial. I would have hated to answer those questions, not knowing the judges’ opinions on them.

I do not think it is right to put a potential Miss America in a public spot where she is expected to say she disapproves of the President of the United States.

I do not think we need to know if each beautiful girl toes the “Politically Correct” line.

I wish Miss Cara Lund a great career in law after she finishes her year as Miss America.


June Rice is a writer and a retired teacher living in Louisville.


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I agree totally. I always enjoy June Rice's articles.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

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