OPINION: Biden administration defense of religious liberty questionable at best

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One of the great truths in scripture is found in Matthew 10:16 (NIV) which states: “I am sending you out as sheep among wolves.  Therefore, be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.”  

This verse was brought to mind recently when I came across an article in The Washington Post reporting that the Biden administration’s Justice Department recently asserted that “it can vigorously defend a religious exemption from federal rights laws” granted to faith-based schools which allows them to operate according to their sincerely held religious beliefs (yes, you heard that right). 

This is the same Biden administration which, according to the Center for American Progress, has among other actions:

  • Expressed a top priority in passing the Equality Act, a particularly egregious piece of legislation that will trample the religious liberty rights of conservative, convictional Christians.

  • Established the White House Gender Policy Council which works to advance gender equity and equality across the entire federal government.

  • Issued a presidential proclamation creating a Transgender Day of Visibility.

Mr. President, are we to actually believe that you will actively take measures that will be vigorously opposed by your liberal political base to protect the constitutionally protected religious liberty rights of conservative, convictional Christians?

Conservative, convictional Christians are well aware of your deep disdain for our deeply held religious beliefs as well as your bowing to the god of the sexual revolutionaries. Do you actually believe we are stupid as well? The words of ESPN football analyst Randy Moss come to mind, “C’mon, man!”

Jim Donnell is the Associate Executive Director for Convention Operations for the Kentucky Baptist Convention.


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