Church has first baptism on its grounds in nearly 170 years


SADIEVILLE, Ky. (KT) – There had never been a baptism on the grounds at 168-year-old New Friendship Baptist Church until Sunday when pastor Greg Mullins dunked Shannon Adams in a water trough in a hallelujah moment.

“It was in front of the church on a rock wall,” Mullins said. “They used to go to another church and use the baptismal, but there has never been one on the church grounds. Some clouds were moving over and I said, 'If we don't hurry and get this done, we're all going to get baptized.'''

Mullins, who has been the pastor of New Friendship for only six weeks, came over from a merger with Eagle Creek Baptist Church where he had been for 11 years.

“Because of the pandemic, both churches were struggling,” he said. “We merged to make one.”

It was the first on the church grounds for New Friendship and the first in four years overall. It wasn’t the first for Mullins, who estimated he’d performed more than 100 baptisms at Eagle Creek.

His “new” church has received a boost from becoming involved in the Gospel to Every Home. They are doing the 40 days of prayer with Mullins posting daily on a Facebook page, and also driving and praying for families in front of homes in the rural area. He’s also preaching through the sermons provided in the Gospel to Every Home kit through the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

Last week, they handed out 300 Gospel to Every Home packets - “they” being four women and two men, he said. “We got it done faster than we thought so now we’re going back for more.”

He said the sermons had a direct impact on the woman who gave her life to the Lord. She was invited to the church by Wil Stamper, who the pastor has been discipling. Mullins said she came for several weeks and he could tell “the Lord was working on her” and she finally came forward two weeks ago.

“Wil is just thirsty for the Word,” Mullins said. “Of all the people I’ve baptized and discipled, I’ve never seen anyone more thirsty.”

The pastor said they have prayed for homes in the rural community and then made visits where gospel conversations are taking place. He said one of the best moments was when 89-year-old member Betty Martin went with them and witnessed to someone on their front porch.

“I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of that,” he said. “It was a beautiful sight. If you still have breath, you can witness to someone.”

Mullins said he loves the Gospel to Every Home initiative because it was from a pastor knocking on his door that he came to know God.

“My heart is just for lost people and it’s the way I was saved,” he said. “I was a hard-core atheist. A pastor from a church down the road from me came to my door one Sunday after church and I ran him off. The next Sunday he came back again and I ran him off. The next Sunday he came to my door, I invited him in. The next Sunday I went to church and the next Sunday I was saved. He wasn’t giving up. I am a believer that knocking on doors saves souls.”


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