FIRST-PERSON: EQUIPing a congregation for service


Everything was going so well…

 This refrain echoed in my mind beginning in March 2020. Like many pastors, I was frustrated; I feared that COVID would halt our momentum.

By God’s grace, we are coming out of COVID even stronger than we went in. Three families and multiple individuals have joined Middletown Baptist Church since our return. We have begun a discipleship ministry that has resulted in high levels of spiritual growth and the discovery of leadership gifts.

As we continue to seek the Lord’s blessings and guidance, I am inviting church members and recruiting leaders to attend EQUIP in Richmond on September 2. I hope to take enough people to cover every session and share notes. REACH is important because KBC’s efforts to hold sessions throughout the state have provided Middletown with the opportunity to receive scriptural training in the areas that are most important to our church within 15 minutes of our sanctuary.

MBC has members hungry to serve, and I am asking them to participate in EQUIP because as the pastor-teacher of Middletown Baptist Church, it is my responsibility to equip these saints to do the work of ministry and to build up the body of Christ at Middletown (Eph. 4:11).


Who are these saints?

They are the faithful deacon and the young father whom God is raising up to serve our church family well in this role.

They are the young adults in whom God has created a passion for taking student ministry to a new level.

They are the long serving music leader and the brother who also plays a role in this ministry.

They are the two brothers who have worked diligently to take us from having no online presence to sharing a weekly online service.

They are the newly enlisted greeters who seek to make visitors feel welcome each week.

They are the new disciples who want to lead their own groups as effectively as possible when the time comes.

They are the young man with the newly discovered gift for evangelism.

They are the pastor who desires to get new members “plugged in” as the Lord sends them.

They are all these and several more who want to serve the Kingdom in their context. EQUIP matters because it can help them reach that goal. It is another reason that, as Kentucky Baptists, we truly are Better Together.

William Dooley is pastor of Middletown Baptist Church in Berea.


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