Gov. Bevin sets the bar high as defender of Kentucky values


Gov. Matt Bevin has once again proven himself faithful in his defense of Kentucky values.

He's come out as a vocal opponent of the Obama administration's overreach into public school bathrooms.

The administration's threat to withhold federal funding from schools that do not fall in line was clearly a bullying tactic.

Outraged, conservatives raised their voices against this absurd federal overreach. They rightfully asked leaders to fight for state sovereignty on the matter. Gov. Bevin did not back down, but rather issued his own powerful counter-statement.

Bevin encouraged schools to “not feel compelled to bow to such intimidation.” Citing the Tenth Amendment, the governor contends the feds have no right to interfere with state laws in this way. He assured Kentuckians that his administration is already researching ways to guarantee the issue will be decided on a local level, not in Washington.

Kentuckians have every right to applaud the governor for taking a stand against federal arm-twisting.

Bevin truly sets the bar high for other governors still deciding their next moves.


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