Hal Heiner sends refreshing message by refusing state salary


When our Frankfort reporter, Kristen Lowry, set out to write an article about Kentucky Education Secretary Hal Heiner, one of the more intriguing facts she uncovered was that he doesn’t accept a government salary.

Mind you, it could have been a handsome salary. His predecessors in recent years were all paid well over $100,000 a year.

To be clear, $100,000 isn’t nearly enough to solve the financial woes state government is facing. In fact, it’s only a drop in the bucket.

But it is a drop. It's a start.

Secretary Heiner is a class act deserving of kudos. It’s refreshing to see a government official who isn’t in public service for what he can get out of it.

An interesting side note: Heiner didn’t tell our reporter he receives no salary. Neither did his staffers. Lowry learned the information from a records search. So there was no tooting of horns here, at least not by Heiner, nor anyone in Matt Bevin's administration.

Yet, in this case, a horn should be tooted. And we’re more than happy to be the ones to do so.


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