ONEIDA BAPTIST: The importance of learning and growing


The mission of Oneida Baptist Institute is to provide a structured living, learning and working environment in which each student is challenged to grow mentally, physically, socially and spiritually in order to acquire an education for time and eternity.

Oneida Baptist Institute has now been in the business of helping young people learn and grow for 122 years. We do our best to minister to the entire student body and strive to educate each one mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. We challenge students daily to accomplish outstanding, bold and Inspiring things. We have a strong desire for our students to become lifelong learners. Sometimes we are blessed to reap that harvest and other times we are charged with planting the seeds of the gospel and remain steadfast in our hope that someone else will reap the harvest. We also strive to send workers into the field because the laborers are few.

Please allow me share some words from a former student that demonstrates some recent fruit-bearing of our seed-planting efforts.

Dear Mr. Gritton,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to thank you for the card that you sent me.

I just finished up my term as Student Body President (at Eastern Kentucky University) at the end of April, but I am still serving my peers as the student regent until the end of this fiscal year.

I joined Student Government Association as a senator during my freshman year. I was very cynical and bitter. However, I surrendered my life to Christ the summer going into my sophomore year. By grace through faith, everything in my life was transformed. The way I talked; interacted with my peers, observed the action of others. When I ran for Student Body President, equity was the central theme of our campaign, and it was driven from “We love because he first loved us” (1 John 4:19). I tell you this because it was the seeds of gospel planted in my heart during my time at Oneida that turned into what I can now say, a life dedicated to Christ. Furthermore, I am writing this email to say thank you for your commitment to the work of the gospel.

As you can see, our students will continue to learn and grow and possibly even accept Christ even after their time with us.  Please pray for us as we embark upon a new school year and work to educate young people from across the street and across the seas.   

Larry Gritton is president of Oneida Baptist Institute in Oneida, Ky.


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