OPINION: The state shouldn't make helping children harder


Recently, the Louisville Courier-Journal ran a story by one of its liberal reporters about the Beshear administration's attempt to impose ideological requirements on Sunrise Children's Services, a Baptist-sponsored adoption and foster care service, that the administration knows the group cannot meet.

But you wouldn't have known that by reading the headline to the news story, "Sunrise Children's Services rejects state contract to continue care." If you didn't read the fine print, you'd think Sunrise just wasn't interested in helping children anymore.

If there's someone involved in this dispute who doesn't want to help children, it isn't Sunrise Children's Services. And Sunrise isn't rejecting anything. In fact, it is the current administration which is the one threatening rejection.

The Beshear administration is demanding that Sunrise comply with a requirement that conflicts with its religious mission. It wants Sunrise to agree to state hiring guidelines that would require it to hire people who disagree with its fundamental Christian convictions.

Kentucky's executive branch began to include sexual orientation in state non-discrimination guidelines several years ago. But past administrations, acknowledging the importance of not interfering with religious freedoms, have exempted Sunrise from these requirements.

Why does the Beshear administration see the need to change the tolerant rules observed by its predecessors?

These rules don't belong there anyway. State lawmakers have never voted to put them into state law. They are the pure product of activist government bureaucrats who think they know better than elected officials what rules to place on Kentuckians.

The administration's primary concern should be to help children. In what way does putting a religious charitable organization in a position of either denying its own principles or forsaking the children it assists help those children?

How does it help anybody?

More and more we are seeing Woke politics insert themselves into every area of life and public policy. That's the nature of ideology, but it shouldn't be this way. If people think that grinding their gender ideology axe should take the place of basic human welfare, then they need to find some profession other than administering state programs.

Get elected to the legislature and champion your cause there. But don't make up laws that no one ever passed and then use them to make the good work of other people harder.

The Beshear administration is basically telling a Baptist service organization that they can either continue to serve children as long as they give up being Baptist, or continue being Baptist and give up serving children.

This is a position no group should be put in. Children shouldn't be put in the middle of ideological battles like this.

Maybe the administration thinks it is helping itself by advocating for the causes of its liberal constituency. But it needs to find another way to do this that doesn't put the well-being of children at risk.

The Beshear administration needs to take a powder and consider why it was that previous administrations chose a different path.

Martin Cothran is a senior policy analyst for the Family Foundation of Kentucky.


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Dr. John Stephenson

Absolutely true.

If I were President I would start every day with Pledge,  Bible Readings and Prayers. And Joining me, I would ask a different High School and College to do so at their school and every Cabinet leader to do the same volunteering in honor of God ,our Founders, and our Nation.

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition of Godly Principles and love and prayers and heart and soul and faith and respect for all of us red,yellow,brown,black and white born and unborn children and Seniors unique and diverse, police  officers and first responders and teachers and students and preachers and priest and candlelight makers for they are all precious in Jesus SIGHT.

The only power we should worship is God.

I recceived this publication from the Nine Star Literary Magazine from my Uncle Don Bingham and Aunt Fredericka from Mr. Zion Ky. THIS IS WHAT MY MOTHER GARNETTE BINGHAM SAID AS A SOPHOMORE AT THE OLD CRITTENDEN HIGH SCHOOL.

She went to Heaven in 1965 and I remember holding her hands when she told me how my father would be saved. It turned out to be so true and I thank God for her and Him and Alton (Dad)every day. She was a wonderful, darling, Christian Woman and a leader in life. I miss her so much. Mother's are a blessing to all. I hope you appreciate what she wrote as much as I have. Dad lived to be 86 and died in 1992 the year I was elected as the last elected Superintendent of Education for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Dad, Alton Charles Stephenson died in the arms of a Baptist Minister after a auto accident. Both Mom and Dad spent their lives in the service of Jesus Christ and their Lord.


By Garnette Bingham (STEPHENSON)

There is nothing in the world more beautiful than a life spent in the unselfish service to others. Sometimes it may seem to the world that a life is humble and lowly and of not much value; but there are many instances where these lives are like the modest violet sending out a beauty and fragrance that is appreciated by both God and man.

The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof the world and they that dwell therein. We are all stewards. There is not an owner anywhere of anything God alone owns. He estimates our gifts for the advancement of His cause, not by their size but by what we have left.

May we labor on, seeking not for glory and applause, knowing that He, who clothes the lilies of the field, and hears the ravens when they cry, will richly repay. Oh, the wrongs that we may righten! Oh, the hearts that we may lighten! Oh, the skies that we may brighten! Helping just a little.

In the field of destiny we shall reap as we have sown; let us therefore put a little sunshine into unfortunate lives. Our mercies are doubly sweet when they are shared with those who would otherwise feel the bitterness of want. Big deeds are often glass, while the small ones are diamonds.

Wrought into gold, we that pass down life's hours so carelessly, might make the dusty way a path of flowers if we would try, then every gentle deed we've done or kind word given ------into gold would made us wondrous rich in heaven.

Life and living are mighty themes. Life is no mere dream, but a sincere reality and a supreme stewardship of which we shall one day have to render an account. Hence, let us all faithfully strive to fulfill life's greatest purpose.

Build a little fence of trust around today. Fill the space with living deeds and therein stay, look not through the sheltering bars upon tomorrow God will help you to bear the burden of others for Him along life's way.

Without the shadow, we would not appreciate the sunshine. Clouds need not eclipse the joy in your heart, even though the skies drizzle, your eyes can be bright. Just because it rains is no reason it should be gloomy.

Life's struggle is hard enough at the best, so let us give every uplift possible.

Personally, we would rather be a stepping stone on the road to progress than occupy a useless position as an ornament at the pinnacle where there is nothing to be done.

Remember, that life is not all song. There is much wrong in all of us, so be ready to give a lift where needed. Some lead dreary ways and toil beneath heavy loads. When we find one of our fellowmen on the downward road, don't pass him with a gloomy frown, you may have troubles too, but he needs a smile from you. Say, brothers, lend a helping hand, upon the side of the weakness stand. Another's burden shared by you will give him courage new; the world has need of friendships true, so give a lift..

Thursday, May 20

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