Prayer driving CD guides Eastwood in Gospel to Every Home effort


BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (KT) – Eastwood Baptist Church’s preparation for Gospel to Every Home included a unique prayer drive CD developed by the staff that guided members turn by turn and place by place with comforting words and music.

They made the 45-minute CD available to members, and those who participated were raving about the quality and spirit that came through in it as they prayed in preparation for delivery to these same neighborhoods on Sunday.

“I know we have a great team of pastors and a great church, but this exceeded all my expectations,” said Gayle Allison, who was one of 200 who did the prayer drive. Allison took three members of her Bible study along for the ride and she said they were all amazed – and amazingly quiet throughout the peaceful drive.

“God was with us as we drove,” Allison said. “This is a talkative group of women, so to keep the four of us quiet during that time, it had to be good. They were quiet throughout, not a murmur in the car.”

The CD was a staff-produced idea and product, said associate pastor Greg Swack.

“It has music and all of our staff leading in prayers and giving driving directions,” he said. “We have two campuses, so we had a different CD for each campus. We asked people to pick up a CD or they could find it on our website (if they didn’t have a CD player in the car). We thought it was a neat prayer experience. It was us being in their car, guiding them along, and telling them where to drive and what to pray about. It was done quietly with music in the background.”

Allison said she was “truly blessed by taking part in this ministry of the church and a blessing to participate.”

She said another member of her class had sent an email and spoke about how well it was done.

The prayer driving was last Sunday, and the door-to-door delivery of Gospel to Every Home kits is planned for this Sunday. Eastwood has about 2,300 homes scheduled to visit, Swack said, and about 200 are expected to participate.

The prayer driving CD guided people through the streets where the visits will be coming. It took them to apartment buildings, school buildings and other key areas where they were prompted to pray. It took them turn by turn to every spot and was well-timed by speed limits through town. It was set up almost like an endurance road rally where drivers follow specific directions in a timed race.

“We were still the whole duration of the drive and listened to what they had to say,” Allison said. “We had instruction and knew exactly where to go. It would say turn right or left at the next stop sign or light. It was very specific.”

Swack said they followed the drive themselves with the CD playing to make sure everything was correct.

It starts from the church parking lot with senior pastor Jeremy Rogers introducing the CD and guiding them onto the journey. Rogers came on as Eastwood’s pastor only two weeks ago.

“Our pastor started it from the parking lot and there were five tracks on the CD,” Allison said. “We love our new pastor. He’s just a spark.”

Swack said every staff pastor had a part in the CD. When the drive went in front of an elementary school, the children’s director was speaking about the need to pray for the students and teachers who will be going back soon.

“Everything they did was step by step and so well done,” Swack said.

One stop on the prayer drive was at a local park and a worship song was played there. “It was kind of challenging us to reach out to the community,” Swack said. “That’s kind of how it ended.”

Swack said he wasn’t technologically savvy but it came together easily through the free Audacity program. Churches interested in creating a similar prayer drive can listen to Eastwood’s by clicking here.

Allison, who taught communications at Western Kentucky University, said it was extremely well done.

“They hit it out of the park with this,” she said. “It was timed. You could tell they drove through this and, driving the speed limits, we got to each point. None of these ladies, including myself, made a peep. That’s what I was amazed by as much as anything. We let God speak to us (through the prayer drive). We were going to pray and listen to what our pastors wanted us to pray about.”

Swack said the church had been without a pastor since March 2019 but is now back to 100 percent attendance post-COVID. He said they had three interim pastors who led Eastwood well during COVID and in the time without a pastor.

“The Gospel to Every Home has come along at a perfect time for our church,” he said. “We’re excited about what the Lord is going to do with it.”


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