Ranch promises to keep foster care siblings together


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (KT) – Sunrise Children’s Services took a step closer toward a new foster care facility near Winchester, Ky., by erecting a sign for the Solid Rock Children’s Ranch.

President Dale Suttles said the facility will be a visionary model in foster care, offering a place where siblings who are taken from homes due to abuse or neglect can find comfort in being together.

“We often see sibling groups broken apart physically and emotionally by separate foster placements because homes aren’t large enough to house them together,” said Suttles.

Once necessary infrastructure is established, Sunrise plans to develop a small portion of the 130-acre farm with two 5-bedroom foster homes. The land was donated in 2016 by longtime Clark County educator Judy Huls Singleton.

Suttles said Singleton’s gift will provide a “life-changing experience” for children at Solid Rock Children’s Ranch, where they will live in a safe, nurturing environment and be introduced to innovative animal and plant therapies.

“This is not only a generous donation to Sunrise, but an incredible gift to Clark County that brings a forward-thinking child welfare model to this area of the state,” said Sunrise Grants Coordinator Randy Greene.

Singleton’s donation is a promise kept to her father that one day their family farm would be used to benefit kids.

Singleton, a Sunrise-certified respite care provider, will remain in her home on the land and play a vital role in the day-to-day activities by serving as the ranch community caretaker offering support and guidance.

Sunrise is the state’s largest private foster care provider of the more than 9,000 at-risk children under Kentucky’s care.

The nonprofit anticipates the ranch will be partly sustained by agriculture revenue.



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